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But Everyone Else….My Child’s “Fairness” Scale

Today was a good day! I love being able to say that. It usually means that my daughter had a good day. I didn’t get a call from the school. She got a good grade on her schoolwork or a test. She came home with a smile. And so on. But today I told her that it was time to start writing down all her views on what was fair and what wasn’t. After all, why should I keep this from everyone else, they need to know this – it’s important and may even solve a life crisis for someone.

My daughter thought this was a great idea (and ta-da) her whiny mood changed to a happy one, she started laughing and got very excited to add to her list of “fairness” attributes. (That’s a little secret we use quite often – find a way to make something funny to change a bad mood). So here we go…the number one complaint is

1.  Everyone else gets to do what they want

Me: and they all go to jail

But wait, I haven’t even started….! When my daughter wakes up, she’s going to join me in sharing this list with you. Hope you enjoy it!

2. No one else has to go poo
Me: what? Where do you get this stuff? Everyone does, even ants and birds.

3. Fuzzy gets to sleep with you and I don’t
Me: Fuzzy (my Bichon) doesn’t have a southpaw or MMA sidekick

4. Everyone else gets to go to bed whenever they want
Me: here, why don’t you take this survey to school and ask them?

5. No one else has to clean their room every day
Me: at your age, I highly doubt that. And since we don’t have a maid, that leaves you.

6. I don’t get to wear a tie to school.
Me: Even if you were a boy, boys don’t wear ties to your school (this will likely be a topic unto itself)

7. No one else has to take a shower
Me: Your feet smell, go take a shower


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