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Becoming a C+I Hostess

hostessesC+I pop-up shopping is fun and easy and lets you earn tons of free jewelry! Pop-ups can be done in person (if you live in the Austin metro area) or online and can take from 1 hour to several hours depending on the number of guests and how we structure the event.

For every $200 in sales at your pop-up shop, you’ll receive $50 in jewelry reward credit. Once sales hit $400+, you’ll earn your host-exclusive branch earrings.  And each month our hostess exclusive incentives change!

We’ll work together to take care of all the prep and details, so don’t worry about that! All you really need to do is pick a date!

The MOST important thing my hostesses should do first is to fill up their wishlist!  This will help us set the goal for your pop-up.  This Incentive graphic will show you how easy it is to earn free jewelry – and it doesn’t cost you anything!

  • At $200 in sales, you get $50 free jewelry credits to spend on any item in my boutique (+ $50 for every $200 in sales)
  • At $400 in sales, you will have $100 in free jewelry credits, and these exclusive hostess earrings (you choose silver or gold)
  • At $600 in sales, you will have $150 in free jewelry credits, the hostess earrings AND access to the exclusive hostess collection that I can’t even purchase!
  • At $1000 in sales, you will receive our monthly hostess incentive absolutely free PLUS all the jewelry credits and earrings mentioned above!

The FEBRUARY hostess incentive is shown in the featured image!


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