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Where is Warden? Find Out in The Mime Order

I am jmime order samplerumping up and down! Today was the official release of the Audible version of The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon.  I cannot rave about this series enough!!! I honestly can’t admit to reading any book twice – but in the case of book one in this series – The Bone Season – I’ve read it FOUR TIMES!  A few months ago, I received an early version of part of this book and went GAGA! This is what I’ll be doing for the next few nights….just me and my headphones!

If you have not read “The Bone Season” – do it now, really! You will not be disappointed!

This series is slated for 7 books….yes, 7 books!!! And possibly a movie!  I am already guessing which actors will be cast (ahem – Alexander Skarsgard)

In this book, we get a much more personal view of the characters that were introduced in book one as well as the SCION community (futuristic London). Our heroine, Paige, is a type of clairvoyant and is determined to take down the government that seeks to oppress, and ultimately end, all clairvoyants in society.  Clairvoyants are positioned as shady and unlawful, and have been steadily shipped out to a penal colony (Sheol 1) to serve as slaves to the Rephaim that rule there, in exchange for Scion to remain free from the Rephaim’s strong hand.  Paige’s unlikely ally becomes one of the highest ranking Rephaim, his name is Warden.  By the end of book one, Paige and Warden have begun to understand each other and what they can do together to both be free of their society’s unsavory rules – but Paige escapes back to Scion without him.

Although Paige tries to regain her life and status in Scion when she returns, things have changed and some mysteries have been revealed.  She has no idea if Warden survived the escape or not, and she has not heard from him or seen him since.  As a huge fangirl, I know he is coming to Scion but what will happen when Paige and Warden reunite?


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