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Your life on video – accomplishments and bloopers included

Gadget lovers rejoice, there is a new wearable worth checking out that may make the camera in your phone obsolete!

A start-up named Lifelogger has caught my eye with the convergence of mobile video and digital scrap-booking.  In the early days, there were physical scrapbooks and teams of women who met together to create unique pages with stamps, cutouts, stickers, printed photos and pretty papers.  Then, there were apps that let you use digital photos on pre-designed “pages” which you could subsequently “print” to book form and receive in the mail.  Now, there is real-time capture of any or all life moments which is stored to the cloud with automatic face recognition, tagging and GPS location identification.

Currently Lifelogger relies on video collection via Google Glass or Go Pro, but they are getting ready to release their own wearable video device which is much smaller and resembles a wireless headphone that cradles the back of your head.

I can see many ways this will become a necessity in time, so needless to say, I’ve signed up for the Beta! (you can too by clicking here). Personally, I would use this to document my first-ever zip-line across the canopy in Belize because I am NOT an adrenaline junkie and this may be the only time I do it! But seriously, this may likely replace Go Pro and other car cameras because the wearer can turn their head to capture a wider range of video (point of view) and can obviously continue capturing when they get out of the car and move around the car.  Think about real-time traffic situations (accidents, delays, road rage) or extreme sports where holding your iPhone is just not feasible (hang-gliding, repelling, climbing Mt Everest). Add some voice activation controls to this and it will open up a new realm of possibilities for those with certain disabilities. With your hands free from holding the device, the possibilities are staggering.

On the flip side, the elephant in the room here is loss of privacy.  With GPS logging, those with a desire to know can find out where you are at any time you’re recording and those who wish to fly under the radar will no longer be in total control of their anonymity. Some early complaints about Google Glass opened this up for speculation and we have yet to see how state laws will side with this. I have not heard of any laws that restrict “visible” video recording devices, but have heard about California, New York, and Rhode Island prohibiting “hidden” video cameras in places where people expect complete privacy. Connecticut and Delaware require businesses to let their employees or visitors know there are video cameras in bathrooms.

Perhaps a way around any issues with Lifelogger use will be to just wear a tee shirt stating “I am videotaping my life” and let others figure out how to move out of your range of vision.


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