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A Review of Stylish Tech Accessories for the Corporate Woman

I am constantly keeping an eye out for the latest in smaller, faster, cooler technology. Not the big clunky hardware stuff – but the apps and gadgets.  So I was thrilled to come across this post of “10 Stylish Tech-ccessories for the Modern-Day Woman” and thought I’d vote on some of these as to whether I agreed.  Being in a corporate environment during the day, the term “style” gets interpreted a bit differently than for those in the fashion industry…so here goes.

1. Tory Burch Fitbit Necklace

MTE4MDAzNDE3MDM0NDkxNDA2 Absolutely! Any of Tory’s Fitbit accessories look very stylish and fit perfectly into my work environment. Whether its the bracelet or the pendant, either would be in my shopping cart except for the fact that I have a 1st generation Fitbit, and these accessories are for Fitbit Flex.


2. Michael Kors Compact Rechargeable Battery

Nope…sorry. This is basically a compact mirror and will just be one more thing to have to carry that won’t last. Personally, I don’t even carry a separate mirror. I would opt for the reliable and mega-charged portable battery.  The Michael Kors item has only 1850mAh battery capacity for about $50 whereas my battery of choice, the RAVPower 3rd generation Deluxe has 15000mAh and runs about $40. Function over beauty.

3. Crystalline USB Pen

This one is a go.  It’s very pretty and sparkly (if you like a little glam) and has a good size thumb drive (16GB) included in the cap…just don’t lose that cap. It would make a nice Executive gift and sells for $80-$90 which is pretty steep, but you are getting real Swarovski crystals and the storage. However, if you’re on a budget and don’t need the drive, you might like a similar pen + stylus for under $3 a piece (sold in pack of 12 colors).

4. FRENDS + Baublebar Bejeweled Headphones with Swappable Caps

FRENDS x BaublebarHuh? Pretty design but what in the world would I do with these $175 headphones. They might be nice on a long cross-Pacific flight but I’d fall asleep before I could catch a compliment on how much they sparkle.  The only time this working Mom is using headphones is in bed listening to Audible.  I put down some dollars on these Bose bluetooth headphones that are totally worth it.  They remember which device, phone or iPad, I used them with last and you can switch easily between music and phone calls – lasts literally for days.  Sorry, function over beauty on this one too.

5. Stellé Portable Wireless Mini-Clutch Speaker

This is actually a very cool and stylish idea with several functions, which I love!  A clutch, a speaker and a mirror.  Although I struggle to see myself in a situation where I’m wearing an evening dress, surrounded by well-dressed clients and colleagues, and I turn up my clutch to hear Bang Bang a little louder.  Maybe if the delivery was in a beach bag (vacation, poolside) or mini-backpack (for bicycling, hiking) design, then I’d have it in checkout faster than you can say “wait a minute let me take you there”.

6. Netatmo Sun Exposure Bracelet

netatmoI’m loving this one which comes in Gunmetal, Gold or Platinum! I have very fair skin and start burning in under 15 minutes. This wrap bracelet plus the app would be a great reminder for when it’s time to re-apply the sunscreen.  Another step in personalizing and owning your healthcare.  Going on my wishlist! You can shop for one on Amazon.



7. Ringly Smartphone Jewelry

ringly-featureAnother winner and my “Best of the Bunch” pick!  I love my jewelry and this is a fun addition, practical and functional piece.  I haven’t seen many ring tech gadgets and this company just announced a $5.1M investment from venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz 3 weeks ago – they are going places!  The Ringly runs $195 to $260 depending on what stone you choose. Each ring is crafted in NYC with an 18K matte gold plated setting and precious and semi-precious stones, and comes in US sizes 6, 7 and 8.  Already the pink sapphire is sold out! Ringly can be set to notify you with vibration and light while connected to your phone so you know when your next meeting or conference call is set to start, or which callers or messages you want to take. Wow, I need one of these – can someone say “I do!”


2 thoughts on “A Review of Stylish Tech Accessories for the Corporate Woman

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