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50 shades of confusion, did someone change the audience profile?

If you’re one of the fans (or curious people) that read the 50 Shades trilogy and was dragged saw the movie, please tell me if I’m right. The movie was made for men!

Personally I invested almost 60 listening hours in the books, so naturally I wanted to see if the movie was a “tasteful and artistic” interpretation or just plain better than the book.  I can say that I found several things improved by the movie, but I was still really confused why Dakota’s body was in my face for most of the movie.  I know row 2 is kind of close to the screen, but there was more of her than I needed or wanted to see – from any row. Here are some things that stuck out at me during the movie (good and bad)…

  1. Apparently, I was not the only one who dreaded hearing “oh Christian” even one more time. Thanks Sam Taylor-Johnson for completely skipping that.
  2. The author’s “dorky attempt to be cool by creating your own slogan” was expertly dealt with by only having one scene use such phrase.  If you missed it, this was the “laters baby” scene with Elliott and Kate in Ana’s apartment. If you only read the book, you didn’t miss it – I promise. Thank you again Sam.
  3. After sticking several pencils in my ears during the 20 hour Audible adventure, I was once again happy to NOT listen to or watch literally hours of email conversations between Ana and Christian.  Hats off to ya Sam.
  4. Regarding my confusion, the book was said to appeal to female readers so it was surprising to see Dakota’s naked body ad nauseam during the movie, with a couple “blink and you missed it” shots of Jamie’s softer side.   Was there a man holding the purse-strings on this movie’s budget? Dakota did a great job acting but I really didn’t want to see that much of her, repeatedly, up close and personal, again and again, from various angles…well you get it.
  5. Apparently those invisible hairs on a woman’s thighs are appalling. Who knew. I think every man in the theater cringed and gasped when the closeup on Dakota’s thighs showed those little hairs at attention. No gasps during the nipple scenes though. But I digress…
  6. Although there has been some mention of this already in the media, Ana did not say the safe word at the end, she simply told Christian to stop moving toward her – which is a totally different message than saying the safe word.  Is this because the average viewer wouldn’t understand what it meant? or because they assumed that too many viewers wouldn’t have read the book (really?).  Or because someone was “cleverly” trying to insinuate that the story would go on? An unnecessary departure and missed opportunity….
  7. I do feel that Ana’s character is played with more independence than the way she was written, so that was a thumb’s up.
  8. But what bothered me the most was not the story, or the lack of plot, it’s the fact that the lead actress had to do this movie to get noticed for her talent.

If they continue to make movies out of the other 2 books, I hope they bring more strength to Ana’s character given the actual audience that is seeing this.


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