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Leading Ladies of International Women’s Day: Nancy Traversy and Tessa Strickland

If you don’t know these names, I highly recommend you get to know these ladies and their business, Barefoot Books.  Reading is such a building block for children, but for many years, there was not too much variety and creativity past fairy tales.

Nancy and Tessa both did in 1992 what so many women (even now) want to do – create a more flexible and meaningful work opportunity that combines family time and professional passion. Barefoot Books is an independent publisher with a direct sales force.  They specialize in carefully crafted children’s books, CDs, games, puppets, puzzles and gifts that celebrate enduring values and inspire creativity with their core values: imagine, explore, create, connect, and give back, at the heart of everything they do.  Barefoot Books are simply beautiful.  As a Mom, I often find my daughter reading library books from school that are silly and don’t teach values at all. Although I will admit that somewhere deep down any reading of chapter books has got to be improving her vocabulary and language skills, just think how much nicer her words would sound if every book in the library was a Barefoot Book. 

tearthief_usukpbcd_w_1Some of my favorites are: The Tear Thief about sharing children’s emotional experiences, and The Boy Who Grew Flowers which celebrates personal differences and friendship.

Last year, Oprah, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal wrote articles about Barefoot Books, so check them out – your kids will love them! Nancy and Tessa, thank you for bringing such beauty to the character building lessons our children need!


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