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Leading Ladies of International Women’s Day: Chantel Waterbury

If you want to see a Chloe and Isabel silver spike necklace on Ashley Greene cover of LUCKY magazinewoman who has the whole package, get to know Chantel Waterbury and her jewelry company Chloe+Isabel. Chantel is a young woman who barbara waltersclimbed the ranks in the fashion jewelry business only to turn around and share her passion with other women who wanted financial independence in the fashion world but did not have the same opportunities as she did.

Chantel learned early on about direct sales (selling knives – yes knives) and made her success into one of the most well respected direct sales jewelry companies you will find.

Acknowledged by Glamour, Real Simple, Vogue and other magazines, C+I pieces have become collectible and highly sought after. There are many celebrities wearing C+I as well, proving that detail is never ignored on any piece and the price point is reachable by just about everyone.  Pictured in this post are several women in the public eye you might recognize, each wearing C+I!

10388139_313401662183110_1488955125636944231_n I personally fell in love with C+I a few years ago and decided to become a merchandiser to spread the word.  kristi krueger

There is no reason that we have to spend hundred of dollars on jewelry from a department store, when we can shop C+I anytime, anywhere and with a LIFETIME replacement warranty.  How many pieces of jewelry have you dropped, cracked, scratched or lost a crystal from? Well, C+I will replace it!  Chloe + Isabel uses the same materials, semi-precious stones, and crystal as all of the top fashion jewelry brands, plus all the designs are done at their studio in NYC!

Chantel has created amazing life changes for so many women. As part of the merchandiser lisa uhlcommunity, I read life stories every day from merchandisers around the country who share that C+I has allowed them to buy their first home; or how C+I has helped them pay medical expense for their child; or how C+I has allowed tjordin sparkshem to quit their day job.

These aren’t just stories, these are miracles for these women, and it’s all thanks to Chantel’s beautiful heart and vision. Thank you Chantel for empowering women, young and old, to be confident – to be creative – to be you.


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