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Admiring Starbucks, and getting some for free

I am not one to turn down free stuff, especially when I consider it to be a “treat”. So if you are a Starbucks fan, don’t miss these secrets to collecting points and offers toward free Starbucks products which are not made available solely through their app.

I am not a daily Starbucks person but I do go several times a month and would like to keep my Gold status.  I came across this great blog, Secrets to the Starbucks loyalty Rewards Program, and found a couple of secrets I was not aware of – so just want to share the love (of Starbucks).

Earlier this month, I listened to Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, talking about how he has been watching  humanity fracture over the last several weeks and that he wants to make a difference He  decided something had to be done, because it was the right thing not because it was good for business. So the “Race Together” initiative was born.  This initiative will not be without conflict or  criticism but I hold Mr Schultz in high regard for putting himself out there to open up communication on a subject that is very delicate but urgently in need of the spotlight.



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