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Spring is here, will you be saying “achoo” or “I do”?

Ah, Springtime! The bees buzz from peach blossom to bluebonnet; the birds tend to their cheeping little offspring; the gentle wind sends pollen through my sinuses, and Brides-to-be are planning their upcoming nuptials. It’s the season that celebrates the continuation of life with reminders that just can’t be ignored – even by the crabbiest of people.

I count myself proudly among those that embrace the season with Kleenex and Zyrtec in each hand. IT doesn’t matter if I can smell the blossoms – I can SEE the blossoms! (When asked whether I’d rather be blind or deaf, I always choose deaf because I live to see beauty).
sancia wedding bouquet
With all of the blossoms surrounding me, I can’t help but think of weddings and the gorgeous bouquets that will soon make their way down the aisle. It brings back memories of my own wedding, 19 years ago this month. I spent more time choosing and fussing over the flowers than I did over my dress. I realize that is probably not normal, but I just love flowers. My theme was blue. The bridesmaids had navy dresses and I chose blue hydrangea and lavender roses for my bouquet.

Looking back, what I was missing was the right jewelry. My mother didn’t really have “wedding style” jewels to borrow and it seemed like pearls were the answer. Aren’t pearls always the answer? They went well with my vintage gown and were understated yet elegant. What I wished they had been was amazing, gorgeous, whisper-worthy and so sparkly – no one would have missed them. Isn’t one’s wedding day supposed to be memorable in every way? The perfect photo of the bride and groom, the perfect table setting, the perfect decor?

Had Chloe + Isabel existed when I got married, I would have had no problem choosing jewels for myself and my bridal party. This newly launched collection is the brand’s first-ever Bridal Collection, and will surely cause gasps and whispers at your special day! What I love most about it is the wear-ability of the pieces. You won’t need to lock them up after the big day. In fact you shouldn’t! These pieces, and all of C+I, are designed to be dressed-up or dressed-down. I encourage you to take a look!

The Founder and CEO shares with you her inspiration in this video. Order something and try it out. IF you don’t fall in love (again) with the jewelry, just send it back – no questions asked. I am sure that won’t happen, but it’s nice to know that every C+I piece comes with a lifetime warranty that will last even beyond your last anniversary.


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