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Food Review: Eats on 8th

LocationGeorgetown TX

halibut with fried kale

Rating: 5 of 10

Don’t miss:  Scallops

Worth noting: Hollandaise sauce and the breakfast selections. 

Why I go back: There is a special flavor to all the sauces I’ve had here, and I’m a sauce person.  Also the service is excellent.

Possible Improvements: The main part of the entree is a decent size – not too small or too big. But some side accompaniments would help make “the perfect bite”.  Also, us folks in Central TX love to eat outside when the weather is mild, you’ve GOT to address the fly and bug issue. Lastly, if you don’t like pork, you might want to check the menu before sitting because many of hge dishes have some type of pork included.


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