About the Muse

IMG_1172That’s me – the Muse.  I like to think of myself this way because I do feel that there have been many times where I have impacted people’s lives. A muse can be a guiding spirit or a source of inspiration. I don’t think I have been painted by any artist, so don’t think about it that way!  Another way to define muse is one’s careful consideration, a meditation, to wonder.  This is me. I am the introverted, quiet type who occasionally breaks out of the shell. I’m not anti-social, but I do a lot of thinking. So much so, that I decided to start this blog, in the hopes that I could free up some space for brain processing instead of thinking!  Anyway, I’m a working Mom, I have one child and a supportive husband, we live in Central Texas and have 2 dogs.  When I’m not thinking, I can be found listening to Audible, taking pictures, on a boat, walking, gardening, baking or shopping (it’s purely therapeutic, I swear).  I invite you to share in my real-life musings, and to open yours up to me.


Let me hear from you

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