Here’s what you can expect to find on my blog…

Raising the Future

I became a mother in 2005 at the age of 35. I was not part of a big family and didn’t have years of experience babysitting nieces, nephews or cousins, nor did I have younger siblings.  Also my child was adopted.  So the whole maternity experience kind of happened overnight rather than over a period of 9 months. It was shocking, thrilling, scary and exciting. Over the first few years, as I was regularly reminded of how little I knew about being a Mom, I really began to doubt myself and this scared me even more.  My child was beginning to show signs of developmental delay and I just didn’t understand what to do.  We soon learned that she had, in fact, been exposed to substances in vitro (most likely alcohol) and this was the beginning of the explanations.

There are so many stories to share, and I hope to make these as real as possible.  You see, there is great sadness and great humor in many of them. It’s worth it, every single moment! These are my stories of learning to be a Mom, while learning to provide my child with whatever she needs to be successful, while learning to accept that most of the world around us – including family and friends – have no idea what it means for me to say “I’m a Mom”.

Mom Tech

I love new tech stuff. Gadgets, apps, trends….I’m on it like white on rice. These are my personal opinions.

I’m Entertained

I watch cartoons, I admit it, mostly Disney and NOT princess. I will also admit to crying openly while watching some of these said cartoons…it’s a brave new world.


Ladies….my hat is off to each one of you, no matter how big or small your endeavor.  I already know how much is on your plate, and so to add starting and running a new business to the menu – well, that’s just plain awesome! And so are you!  I admire each one I’ve met and plan to meet more! I am not excluding any of the amazing men entrepreneurs I’ve met and still know – but I am a little biased 😉 As part of my career, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with many entrepreneurs. Each one is different, each one has unique skills and challenges. But there are times when just having a connection can solve one of their problems, and I love being able to make that connection for them.  Let’s make it easier for entrepreneurs to find network contacts  based on the type of challenges they are facing – be it capital, distribution, scaling or marketing.  Be a part of someone’s network – it’s a great experience!

Food Please

I hate to cook – love to bake. I’ve picked up a few favorites throughout the years (that my family happily eats), I’ll share the secrets and stories along the way. And when I dine out, you’ll get my honest opinion and pics to prove it.


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